Arizona Call Centers

Call centers can be found everywhere, however, Arizona call centers are a special breed and are regarded as some of the best call centers in the world. Call centers provide a multitude of services that are meant to benefit companies in many ways, such as:

  • Saving money on client acquisition
  • Streamlining customer services
  • Increasing sales through telemarketing and lead generation
  • Improve business operating efficiency 

Calibrus Call Center Services operates call centers in Phoenix and has been a leader in delivering comprehensive and cost effective solutions to growing businesses for 15 years. 

Calibrus is a trusted provider that works with both small businesses and large corporations. To Get A Free Consultation and learn how a call center solution can help grow your business – Call 866-601-9616 Today!

Companies turn to Calibrus so that they can operate their business more efficiently while letting business owners and executives like yourself focus on building the business and improving sales and profitability. Some of the services provided by Calibrus include: 

Appointment Setting  – appointment setters schedule and set appointments with potential or existing customers and clients.

Outbound Call Center Services – call center agents assist with order verification, client retention, customer relations, and telemarketing.

Inbound Call Center Services – customer services representatives can provide third party verification (TPV), customer service, technical support, and sales support.

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What Is A Call Center?

What is a call center? A call center is a service found in many companies, institutions or organizations that have the need to receive a large volume of phone calls, answer customer questions, or process orders, and acts as a bridge between the institution or organization with its customers. Depending upon the type of business  and industry the company is in, in addition to the types of calls that are made or received, the function of the call center can have very different purposes.




Task of Call Center

Call centers are either a division or a service arm within an existing company, or in many cases – its it outsourced to a call center company that specifically provides call center services to many types of companies, depending upon their needs. The task of the call center and services that are delivered typically evolve aound providing product information, customer service on an existing order or potential new order, dealing with service requests and complaints from customers, or managing other partners, distributors, or clients regarding a particular product or service.

The best answer of what is a call center is a dedicated team of professionals that provide customer services and support relative to the services or products sold by the company. A call center is typically integrated into a business (either internally or outsourced) to improve customer satisfaction and to help the company grow efficiently.

In general, the duties and functions of the Call Center can be divided into several important parts, which are as follows:

1. Agent/Operator

Receive a call with the greeting: “Good morning / afternoon / evening / night, Call Center …. (name of company) with ……… (name of operator) Can help you? “And provide information services (Info, Company Products, Services Demand, Complaints and Services) by telephone and computer to all customers who contact the company’s call center telephone access.

2. Supervisor Agent

Validate input data from agents and evaluate the daily performance of the call center operations in line with the respective Company’s objectives.

3. Customer Service Agent

Customer Service Agents work for a company in a role where they receives requests / complaints from customers who come directly call into the company for information or assistance with their existing order, a  potential new order where the customer has questions or issues to resolve.



Call Center Divisions/Operating Roles

· Call Center Outbound / Telemarketing

One of the operating roles of a call center that companies utilize is for outbound calling or telemarketing, which are used to generate new leads and sales. This is done by contacting customers and prospective new customers with a variety of reasons like product offers, surveys, data validation, customer satisfaction, etc.

· Inbound Call Center

Another critical operational role for the call center is to receive calls from clients/ customers/ prospective customers with a wide variety of reasons such as asking about product info, requests and complaints, confirming or changing an order, etc..

·Contact center

It allows interaction with the customers through various media examples of telephone, e – mail as well as online chat. This enables the company to have closer contact on a regular basis with their existing or potential clients and partners.

·Temporary agent

Call centers also act as a temporary secretary or routing agent depending upon the needs of the call. Many times, call centers employ temporary agents to manage phone calls for companies after hours so a live person handles the call.

Call centers come in many configurations in how they provide their service as an internal division within a company, or as an outsourced service provider that supports several companies. Many call centers have the following characteristics:

· Blended center

A blended call center has both inbound and outbound calls. For the inbound calls – they are managed by using an ACD (automatic call distribution) which routes the calls to certain agents depending upon the type of call coming in, and which agents are available. Blended call centers also have an outbound calling function which is typically managed by a predictive outbound calling system that automatically dials the number and connects the call with an agent when somebody answers the call.

·Remote agent

Many call centers are increasingly using remote agents to manage these calls on a regular basis. Instead of staffing a lot of agents and having them work out of a large central facility, remote agents typically work from home and utilizes their telephone or internet connection to make/receive calls from their call center company.

What is a call center’s primary goals?  Call Centers have several basic operating goals and principles by which they operate

1. The achievement of high level of customer service

2. To efficiently manage the call volume for the company so that it reduces costs and/or increases sales for the products and services it sells

3. The achievement of certain desired targets of company in terms of improvement. This can be an increase in sales, an improvement in customer satisfaction, a reduction in product returns, or anything else that can help the company improve.

If you’re interested in learning more about call centers and have a growing business that can benefit from working with a professional call center – please contact Calibrus (toll-free) at: 866-601-9616


Appointment Setters Help Businesses Grow

How Appointment Setters Can Help Your Business Grow

One of the primary traits of successful appointment setters, is being able to make good contact with the target lead and effectively make an appointment.  The person that you are calling, or lead, should preferably be someone who shows interest in your product /service, has an executive level title, and is authorized to make a purchase decision. Working as an appointment setter has many interesting job characteristics. The best way to be effective is by appointment setter is to be prepared and to develop great skills at being conversational with  other people. There are several steps to be a great appointment setter:


Appointment Setters – What It Takes

Step 1

The first step in becoming great appointment setters is to sound excited and be passionate about the products or services you offer. If you sound interesting and excited to the other person on the phone, changes are that they will be less likely to hang up. Another big consideration to make is that its easy is to talk fast when you are nervous and trying to pass your script. Focus on speaking slowly and clearly, and engage in a conversation with the person.

Step 2

Having a perfect script is a highly useful and a great tool for pitching products and services to a potential lead. The script should have the brand recognition, identifying who you are or the company you represent. The script should sound natural and unrehearsed. If you pitch badly, and sound like you’re reading off a script, chances are slim that you will make and appointment with that person.

Step 3

Appointment setters also need to learn how to handle objections. The best way to handle objections should be ready for it and practice with other people and review your various scripts. Having well thought out training on rebuttals to any objections will have a profound positive step in the right direction. that may be able to give you leads. When a lead objects to making an appointment, and says something to the effect of “I do not have time to talk with you,” you can respond, “I know your time is valuable. That is why I would like to schedule an appointment for further discussing your needs at a time that is more convenient for you.”



Step 4

Its very important to listen to your target lead instead of focusing on finishing your manuscript. By listening, you will hear cues and issues what the target’s  needs or products are – you get get a good handle on how to best suit their needs, as well as take care of your own.

Step 5

Send an email message confirming his appointment and also make sure there is a reminder for the meeting. In doing that, you reduce cancellations, and you also get another contact point to work with.

Step 6

Ask for the name of the best person to call or visit to discuss further the benefits your company offers. Also get the phone number of the person and ask when it is best to call. Providing you with a range of dates has addded flexibility that increases the changes of sticking with getting in on the call. You also should avoid booking faco increase your chances of going and lead to prevent booking appointments too far into the future. By scheduling the appointment as close to your conversation may be, the conversation is still fresh in his mind. Then, ask for an email address so you can send a confirmation.

Step 7

The last step to become  a great appointment setter is to listen carefully and understand what the target caller has to say. Also, working with a call center company and having great conversational skills and the ability to tap into the target caller’s specific issues, and it is easy (or note) it is to get the pole up, etc..


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Outsourcing Call Center Services

You will find that outsourcing call center services is a great way to quickly scale a company without having to create and build a call center and hiring the people to manage and staff it. Call centers can bridge the gap between various functions of your company such as customer service, sales support, lead generation, appointment setting, and many other important aspects of a business.

Outsourcing call center services is considered to be the best solution for a company that may also need a short term solution or wants to test a particular product, service or market, without the need to heavily invest in developing the same resources in-house.


Dealing with Outsourcing

You will find that when searching for a call center to work with that there are many option to choose from. A big consideration to make is dealing with a company that has been established for a couple of years, has the expertise in the type of services that is required, and can deliver what is needed in a professional and cost effective manner that provides measurable results.

When evaluating partners for outsourcing the call center function – keep in mind that the more information that can be provided to them about the specific needs, nuances, and objectives of the program that is going to be designed – the better the call center can design a customized solution. At the end of the day, outsourcing call center services is essentially hiring a specialized company that has deep expertise in providing these types of solutions, has built a highly efficient and cost effective infrastructure to handle a large volume of inbound and outbound calls, and has professionally staffed it with operators and agents to handle all of the calls.


Quality is the Most Important

Dealing with a company’s customers needs, whether they are existing customers, or new potential customers is an extremely sensitive responsibility that needs to be taken very seriously as customers are the lifeblood of any business. While outsourcing call center services is considered as one of the best solutions to help a company grow and manage an increasing need for customer service, support, and sales oriented services, working with the wrong call center or one that does not uphold a high degree of professionalism and quality can significantly hurt a company and damage customer relationships. That is why working with a reputable call center that has been around for several years is highly important.

Outsourcing your call center services can provide you with comprehensive solutions for:

Customer Management Solutions
Customer Care, Customer Extension/Support, New Customer Acquisition

Third Party Verification (TPV)
Live Operator TPV, Automated IVR TPV, and Hybrid Live-IVR TPV,

Energy Account Verification (EAV)
Live Operator EAV services, Automated EAV Services

Additional Services
Hosted Call Recording, Voice Message Broadcasting, ClickTalk or Click-to-Call Services


If there is a need for any one of these services within your organization or a business you are currently consulting – we highly recommend the services of Calibrus – a nationally recognized outsourcing call center services provider.

To discuss how a custom tailored solution can be designed to support your growth – call Calibrus today at 866-601-9616or fill out the form below to speak with a professional representative.

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Call Center Outbound Services

Telemarketing and other call center outbound services are commonly utilized by many companies on a world wide scale. Not only do many of these companies have in-house call centers to manage this activity, a large portion of companies outsource this function with call center companies. Outsourcing call center outbound related activities are a great way for a company to quickly scale and get the expertise of the call center partner without the need to invest a significant amount of time and capital in building and hiring the personnel to manage and run a call center. Outbound call center services are used for many different reasons – the more common ones being:

  • Order Verification
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Customer Retention/Satisfaction



Using Call Center Outbound For Customer Services

In most cases – outbound based services are focused on a customer service function. This is where the agent or operator will be speaking with customers for various reasons, all of which are centered around delivering a high level of customer satisfaction by answering questions, taking a survey, following up on an order, checking on the status of the product/service, and other related matters that create a connection with the client. As client communications are a highly sensitive facet of the business – providing this type of service at the highest levels of professionalism is very important.

In addition, other call center outbound services include activities such as solicitation, telemarketing or market research which is more focused on information gathering or trying to get a new lead that will generate a sale. Call centers also provide inbound calling services for similar functions, roles and reasons as outbound, (ie: a customer calls in to ask questions about their order), however, outbound call center services still require an experienced operator or calling agent since they are originating the call and trying to engage the person on the other end of the line in a conversation.

The best way to address the need to have a scalable outbound call center solution that can fit your specific needs is to outsource it or hire an established call center company. There are literally thousand of call centers to choose from on a nationwide scale, and some are specific to a particular industry or may only specialize in outbound or inbound services.


The Call Center Outbound Dynamic

While inbound and outbound call center services are commonly used to support various activities and functions in sales, customer service, and support – there is a big dynamic between the two that has to be recognized. With outbound based calling activities the conversation and direction of questions originates with the call center agent/operator where they are asking the questions, gathering information, and otherwise initiating the conversation. With inbound calls – the role is reversed where the person calling into the call center is asking the questions and trying to get their issues resolved. Being that the outbound calling originates from the call center – the ability to have a uniform set of questions or focused objective is easily accomplished as the control factor of who you are going to call, when you are going to call them, and what is going to be said and discussed can all be carefully planned. With inbound – the call center essentially has to take it as it comes.

Finding a reputable and trustworthy company  to work with can take considerable time to research and may leave you still not knowing who to partner with.

We found a highly reputable call center services company that has been in business for several years and is a nationally recognized company with some big name clients – Calibrus.

Calibrus provides customized call center outbound and inbound solutions that can help your company grow, support the need for improving customer service, or order verification. To learn more, feel free to call (toll-free) 866-601-9616 or fill out the form below to connect with a professional call center specialist.

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